CEE Scaleup Challenge- Meet The TOP 10 Fast Growing Companies

Jakub Kopera Community Builder, Vestbee

The second edition of CEE Scaleup Challenge , the biggest 100% online startup competition in Central & Eastern organised by Vestbee matchmaking platform, has come to an end. Below you can check TOP 10 regional scaleups that were chosen by our Jury.


Founded in Estonia, eAgronom is a SaaS platform that covers the most important needs of farm management for farms over 100 ha. It saves farmers months every year, provides a better overview to make better decisions and reduces generating reports. eAgronom's key innovation is creating an independent platform where farmers can easily fill out paperwork and, which makes planning easier and their field more sustainable. So far, Farming Industry angels, Trind VC, TMT Capital, BlackPearls VC, United Angels VC, Superangel VC have invested €3.65M.

BroadBit Batteries

Budapest-based BroadBit sells battery cells and cell components for a family of batteries including a revolutionary low-cost, high-performance and eco-friendly battery with 50% more energy per unit cost and 20% more energy per unit mass than lithium-ion. Commercial quality prototypes of our novel battery chemistries and structures are now being verified with partners. So far, founders, various international angels, and Yaskawa Electric have financed the company with €1.4M.


Influ2, a Ukrainian scaleup, is the person-based advertising platform that reaches decision-makers across Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, tracks results person-by-person and identifies marketing-qualified leads. Influ2 has already more than 40 clients, but the key focus is to sell to larger enterprise customers and to expand into the healthcare industry. One Way Ventures, AVentures, Detonate and other angels have already invested €1.2M in the startup.


Founded in 2015 in Estonia, Sympower has over 30 staff based in the Netherlands, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Israel. Sympower unlocks revenue streams and stabilizes energy grids by maximizing the value of flexibility across energy markets and industries. When the grid is out of balance, we temporarily adjust the power of machines and processes through our advanced and automated demand response capabilities. So far, funding sources of the company have been Social Impact Ventures, PDENH, and current shareholders. Total funding source was €1.2M.

Luigi’s Box

Luigi’s Box is a set of tools for eCommerce companies to improve their search & product discovery experience. Luigi’s Box provides an improvement of site search, the ranking of products within categories and other interactions between visitors and e-shops. Thanks to that visitors to the website become customers. In 2020, this Slovakian scaleup received the E-commerce Germany Award in the Best Analytics/BI Solutions category. More than 700 companies are using their tools right now.


Spindiag is a German company that provides an easy-to-use point-of-care diagnostic system that enables testing of patients for multi-drug resistant bacteria within 35 minutes. Screening patients with our system on admission reduces infections in hospitals and saves costs. Product development is done, clinical validation is currently performed. Regulatory approval (CE-IVD) is planned for 09/2020


Czechia-based CleverMaps helps business users to understand, monetize and democratize data by providing location intelligence & analysis platform in the cloud. It gives its clients full insight and context of their customers for geomarketing, location planning, network optimization, competitor analysis and customer loyalty tracking activities. Currently, Clevermaps are switching from direct to partner sales where we propose them cutting edge technology for location intelligence with ready-made solutions for various verticals.

Cursor Insight

Cursor Insight, a Hungarian scaleup, bases on AI to analyze human movement recorded with various devices, including computer mouse, touchscreen, signing pads. They offer movement-based biometrics for online banking services and payment service providers. The technology uses authenticating users on their unique movement patterns, also called behavioral biometrics.


Founded in Belgrade, VideoBolt empowers brands and individuals to become data-driven video content powerhouses. Videobolt is a marketplace for Small & Medium businesses where users can find professional video designs and customize them to their own needs using our proprietary online editing platform which is easy to use. So far the company has been financed by SC Ventures and total funding received was €0.5M.


A Lithuanian company Ondato provides a complete compliance management suite in regards to the know your customer procedure. Starting from both photo and live video Identity verification (Both natural and legal entities), data monitoring, screening, due diligence, risk scoring, and case management all in one place. The next steps will be to release a standalone video legal & natural entity identification and CDD (customer due diligence) using AI voice recognition & synthesis process Customer reputation scoring.

These are the TOP10 teams that have been selected by the Judges from Vestbee VC Community: EIT InnoEnergy, Next Road Ventures, Engie, PGE Ventures, Talanx, Credo Ventures, Iron Wolf Capital, Flashpoint, Tera Ventures, Science Park Graz, Alfabeat , EIT Digital, 365.fintech , Krakow Technology Park and Design Terminal.

Special thanks to our Prize Partners: EIT InnoEnergy, Next Road Ventures, Zięba&Partners, HubSpot, Amazon Web Services, MamStartup, InfoShare and many more!

Looking for more quality startups from CEE and DACH? CEE Startup Challenge, the biggest online competition for startups from Central & Eastern Europe is coming soon so stay tuned!

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