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Proven Reasons To Love Vestbee

Paweł Maj

Investment Director, bValue

" The best platform I have ever seen! We get pre-screened companies with all relevant information and easy tools to screen and evaluate the projects. Vestbee has very quickly became my trusted deal flow platform. "

Magdalena Lukaszewicz

Associate, Balderton Capital

" Vestbee is a great tool to source early stage startups. Being a judge of CEE Scaleup Challenge I was really impressed with the quality of companies and the well-structured platform, which saved me a lot of time while looking for relevant information about the startups. "

Igor Madzov

Associate, South Central Ventures

" The quality of Vestbee's projects is just great and it improved my startup screening experience. I do love the UX and the intuitive screening process it offers to cut down the decision making process. Excellent work! "

Janos Toth

Investment Manager, DayOne Capital

" I find Vestbee very useful! They actually ease up our work providing already pre-selected dealflow. They save my time and take away the repetitive part of asking founders the same questions. The majority we initially look for in a company is already there! "

Jennifer Austin

Founding Partner, Risky Business Ventures

" I appreciate the intuitive and engaging design. Let’s face it- we all want deal flow, but sorting through it can be a headache. Vestbee makes our applications and scouting much more efficient providing not only user-friendly tools but also high-quality deal flow. "

Diana Koziarska

CEO, ReaktorX

" After trying Vestbee we decided to switch from another platform. Now we manage applications and demo days much easier. Customer service is also exceptional! Vestbee Team is very supportive to us and our startups. You guys are the best! "

Przemyslaw Kusmierek

CEO, Migam

" Thanks to Vestbee we saved a lot of time during fundraising and were able to present our company in a professional and relevant way. That really impressed our investors and helped us to close the round. "


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startups & scaleups

  • Get funded by leading global business angels, accelerators and VC funds or land corporate partners
  • Save time and apply to relevant investors, innovation challenges and events with just one click
  • Share your project, track investors engagement and manage fundraising in one place
  • Get access to Vestbee Opportunity Hub with free deals and special discounts to help you grow your business faster

investors & corporates

  • Don’t miss the leading startups and scaleups from Central & Eastern Europe- save time on research and analysis and get access to relevant, pre-screened opportunities without leaving your office
  • Keep interesting companies on your radar and stay on top of industry trends to make confident decisions
  • Collaborate with your team and stakeholders, co-invest and share deals
  • Collect, evaluate and manage projects in one place
  • Engage in startup community and enhance your brand

accelerators & events

  • Host innovation challenge, get access to leading CEE companies and receive more applications
  • Manage programs seamlessly with easy tools to collect, screen and score applications
  • Share attending companies with jury members, mentors, investors and partners via virtual showroom
  • Assure professional company profiles with all relevant information to increase matching accuracy

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