15 CEE Startups Disrupting Transport & Logistic Industry

Mateusz Walczyk Startup Analyst, Vestbee

Below, we present startups and scaleups from Central & Eastern Europe that operate in the Transport & Logistics industry and should not be missed by VC funds and corporates interested in this sector.


NoMagic offers a robotic solution for packing lines and smooth order delivery. Manual tasks are automated while reducing the cost of fulfillment and allow warehouses to face a shortage of labor and scale easily to 24/7 operations. NoMagic's first robots are used on packing lines at Cdiscount, the #1 French eCommerce platform. The Polish startup has raised €8,6M with Capnamic Ventures, DN Capital and Hoxton Ventures.


SYNAOS provides complex controlling and planning of logistics operations and production entities with AI support. The company is intending to create the factory and logistic hub of the future. The German startup has raised €6M with Volksbank eG Braunschweig Wolfsburg.


Yorso from Estonia is an international B2B platform for fish and seafood market. The solution significantly reduces the number of intermediaries in the sales chain, all logistics and document exchange, and the history of transactions is gathered all in one place.


HUBBIG is a Croatian platform making a difference in both FCL and LCL transport that provides the possibility of choosing all added services connected with import and export, all in one place. Transport services include sea, road, railways and air transport. The AI-supported solution helps to find the most effective solution considering the form of transport, time of delivery, safety, costs, and guarantees shipment tracking.

Ako Trike

Ako Trike from Lithuania created a high-end engineering vehicle that introduces a new type of maneuverability as it is capable of leaning into curves as well as simply steering at lower speeds. The driving experience can be very entertaining while being convenient in every-day a daily urban environment.

Trans CTRL

Trans CTRL is a Hungarian startup with a software solution in freight forwarding, providing full transparency and real-time control for all contributing participants involved in the supply chain execution. The TransCTRL system offers automatic problem analysis, more efficient resource planning, predictable event forecasting, and fewer execution mistakes and penalties. The company has raised €484K with Hiventures Investment Fund.


GoUrban is the operating system for mobility, which makes it possible to manage car, scooter, moped sharing systems & more, focusing directly on operations, optimising units and cutting unnecessary costs. The Austrian tailor-made app is a cloud-based software with a dashboard for monitoring transport operations and helps to constantly adapt to the ever-changing mobility market.


OrderAdmin is developing warehouse, packaging and shipment automated management system for small and medium-sized enterprises. More than 150 e-shops in the CIS market are using a platform to handle up to 60 000 parcels monthly and more than 500 are using delivery calculation services offered by the Bulgarian startup.


ItsMyCargo helps freight forwarders, NVOCCs, liner agents and carriers to leverage technology in their everyday operations. The German solution boosts the effectiveness of the sales channel and guarantees very high standards of data protection confirmed by the SSL A+ rating.


Wereldo from the Czech Republic aims to improve global logistics by making it easier, faster, and more cost-efficient. By automating processes and designing a superior user experience, it makes buying and selling goods anywhere on the globe faster and easier than ever before.

Linker Cloud

Linker Cloud is a Polish startup managing the entire fulfillment process done internally or outsourced to external contractors. The solution is fully integrated with WMS, ERP, CRM systems, synchronizes sales channels, verifies data, optimizes many kinds of operations executed in fields of eCommerce, Omni commerce, drop shipping, B2B or B2C.


45HC from Slovenia is a very quick and efficient booking platform for FOB FCL LCL containers. Services include ocean freight, last-mile delivery, door-to-door delivery customs clearance, and insurance. The platform has an automated pricing mechanism, cloud route optimization and live tracking of the delivery stage.


Hypera is a Czech startup offering consultancy with a focus on logistics and transport mainly for the automotive and aviation industries. Services include implementing AI-supported Robotic Process Automation, supply chain coordination, Airport infrastructure development, Safety, and security audits and procedures. The company has partnerships with Prague Airport, Opscom Systems, INTEGRA and ScanAvia.


WheelMe from Poland provides instant information about all shared-mobility cars, scooters, bikes, kick-scooters. In Polish biggest cities, there are over 25 companies providing over 30,000 vehicles to rent. One simple Android/iOs app aggregates all information about them, like price per minute, plates number, battery level and more. It is possible to check it in just a few seconds.


GoRamp is a Lithuanian startup with an online transport management system designed to centralize information in real-time and exchange between all members of the supply chain. Due to data synchronisation and automating information flow, there are plenty of advantages for logistics processes like reduced costs, smaller chance of human error, and offering detailed report creation tools for logistics managers.

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