AI Startups From CEE & DACH At A Glance

Mateusz Walczyk Startup Analyst, Vestbee
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been a growing-in-popularity topic for the last few years. It is seen as a future for numerous industries that will significantly grow work efficiency and even replace humans in certain tasks. AI technology has been leveraged and developed not only by big international players but also fast growing regional startups. Today we present a bunch of interesting startups from Central & Eastern Europe developing AI-based tools.

Resistant AI

Resistant AI from Czech Republic helps to protect AI systems from targeted manipulation, adversarial machine learning attacks and advanced fraud. The solution can be adjusted to the personal needs of any client, easily and quickly integrated via API. Resistant AI has more than 25 million users worldwide and has raised €2,8M with Credo Ventures and Index Ventures.


Luminovo from Germany brings innovations to the lighting industry by reducing the time and resources needed to go from an idea to a market-ready electronic circuit board. With the help of AI and deep learning, Luminovo simplifies and accelerates your electronics development operating system for OEMs and EMS. The company has raised €2,5M with Cherry Ventures.


DeepCode helps to code with the support of AI algorithms and machine learning techniques. The solution finds critical vulnerabilities or bugs, implements corrections, informs users constantly about the coding progress on CI/CD pipeline, and audits software projects. The Swiss company has raised €5,2M with ECONA AG, btov partners and EASME.

Mostly AI

Mostly AI from Austria is a company enabling privacy-preserving big data applications. It can generate an unlimited number of highly realistic & representative business models with the help of AI and BigData system. The company has raised €5M with 42CAP and PUSH.


Advertima from Switzerland offers AI software that analyzes people in its surroundings. It recognizes features like age, gender, emotions, etc. and reacts by creating personalized advertisements, and sending it to specific clients. Advertima is used by the world’s leading companies like Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo or Red Bull. The company has raised €8,2M with Forty One Group and Migros. is a Polish startup that created a workflow management tool improving teamwork and project making. Users can choose and track relevant indicators for their projects like metrics, hyperparameters, data versions, hardware usage. It is also possible to tag, filter, group, sort data, and validate newly made scripts. The company has raised €4,7M with btov Partners and TDJ Pitango Ventures.


SmartSub from Lithuania supports advertising and analytics in Google Ads with help of AI technology. The software analyses internet ads with 20+ parameters and 100+ keywords, then it adjusts the content to the receiver. SmartSub was trusted by Startup Wise Guys, Huge Thing and Google.


FixPosition provides super-reliable, high accuracy navigation for industrial drones, robotics and autonomous cars. The solution is about deep integration of computer vision with cm-accurate GNSS/GPS to ensure high accuracy in every environment. The Swiss company has raised €3,9M with TrueVentures and Venture Kick.


DRUID is a high-tech company from Romania that develops an AI-powered, no-code, chatbot authoring platform. Citizen developers can create, configure and deploy natural and rich interactions between employees, customers, partners and enterprise systems through omnichannel text and voice conversations. The platform features a proprietary multi-language and can be integrated with enterprise apps like SOAP APIs, SQL/Oracle, ERPs, CRMs.

Phonal AI

Phonal AI is a Latvian startup launching an AI-supported speech analysis software for customer service and education industry. The solution uses ML/AI methods to gather and process information about customers by gender, age, location, origin and buying preferences. Implementation of these software results in tripled conversion for outbound sales and +15% NPS for customer success.


ViveLab is a Hungarian cloud-based ergonomic simulation software integrating human work with machines. The solution provides fast and accurate three-dimensional virtual ergonomic tests, corrective analysis of existing workstations, and planning for a wide range of industries. ViveLab Ergo makes work safer and more efficient by preventing the unnecessary, time-consuming movements or health-threatening behaviours caused by incorrect workplace design. The company has raised €984K with Hiventures Investment Fund.


Cyex from Estonia brings cybersecurity to another level with VR-powered B2B platform. It makes learning cyber skills 55% more efficient than traditional solutions, due to the micro-learning concept. Being constantly upgraded, the solution informs employees about the current risk level and supports the various audit and compliance requirements.


Nanobile is a Serbian startup that offers an AI, IoT and Blockchain-based hardware, focused on supporting cleantech and smart city solutions. Due to the new technology, it is possible to manage parking spaces in cities, improve the efficiency of public transport and lower air pollution. The company has received several awards such as Best Smart City Solution Startup - Serbia - 2019, Leading Innovators in IoT Traffic Solutions - 2020. Among the partners of Nanobile are Microsoft, Huawei and DigitalOcean.

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